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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

happy birthday santa run

the party gang...and the two cutest santas...
 for my birthday this year i invited everyone to run the provo santa 5k run.  we had a blast and it was so fun seeing over 400 people all dressed up as santa running down the street.  jo was a good sport and ran with  me at my super slow pace....i haven't ran since labor day so it was slow and steady for me.  all the kids had so much fun freezin' their buns off and watchin the santas and hiding from the real grinch! 
it was the best birthday present just to run and have fun with the whole family.
afterwords we headed to our house and had some hot cocoa and cinnamon  rolls!
we can't wait to do it again next year!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011


my parents celebrated their 43rd anniversary and to celebrate that took a trip to california and and memory lane, they lived there when they were first married and while my dad was in the service.  they had a great time and i'm so happy they took time to celebrate!! 

 this is thanksgiving day getting all the place setting together, we had a total of 21 adults and 12 kids!  and that is a small number compared to past years.  i can't believe we use to get all together at my mom's old town house...i have no idea how we all fit there. 
 cooking, cooking, cooking!!
 and of course a turkey-trot!! the rossers are super fast, it was so fun seeing all the little kids run 
their hearts out..there is already a lot of trash talk about a rematch at our jingle bells family run on christmas!

 and the feast....the twinners that it was so so, but i loved it, and love amanda's homemade rolls and honeybutter!!  we missed spence, but he was busy in temple texas on-call
 helping all the turkey-bowl victims
 the annual brown bingo was a hit!! it was so fun to even see the twinners excited about the prizes!!
 it has been so nice this year living in Utah and being around for every holiday! this year has really been a roller-coaster but being with family and being able to celebrate has been wonderful

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what we do..

 sometimes we cry...
 q loves to pose for pictures...doesn't this look a classic first day of school pic...
well it was her first day of nursery. 
 we love rock-a-rockin in grandmas big chair!
 we love hats, and skirts, and dancing, and being wild!!
 we love buggin' fritz...and he secretly loves it too.
 and we love doing the same thing, at the same time, always getting in each other business! what else is a twin sister for than to constantly be in each others face all day long.  

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hap-BEE Halloween 2011

 Its never too late to update your blog halloween was only 2months ago:)
as you can tell the girls were BEES they were so cute, (i wore a bee costume as well so we were a little family of swarming bees.)  thanks kempkuties for the best hand-me-downs in the world!!

 spence made a quick visit for halloween and his birthday while he drove from seatlle to texas so we dressed up and headed to the local payson market for some trunk-o-treating. the girls loved it.  
 then we had our familly halloween party, i love that my family always does a good job of dressin up and getting into costume...we had olive and poppi, penguin and eskimo, ethena and gunman, bees, starwars, cleopatra, snow white, cinderella, tinkerbell, sonny and cher, softball player, witches, little red ridding hood and more!!

 of course the traditional donought bobbing on a string, the twinners loved it.
 we had a lot of food including some ghosts in the graveyard that i made.


 halloween night, we headed to springville for some real action trick-o-treating. the weather was amazing, it reminding me of arizona halloweens.  the girls had fun going from house to house but couldn't resist from eating the candy right at the door!
 and this is what we looked like by the end of the night! tired with our feet up!
need i mention tenley threw up on the way home from all the chocolate.  what a day!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

happy 29th!! grandpa

its official i've lost the camera (i'm still one of those people that live in the dinosaur age and don't have a cool web phone either) until someone (aka me) wins the jack-pot/lottery i don't have any cute pictures to post....spence, you will probably forget what we all look like, just remember i'm the hot chic with orange hair:) and you have twin girls one with orange hair and with with brown:)

but if i had a camera i would post pictures of spencer's 29th birthday.  he turned 29 on the 29th!! so to celebrate i gave him a big box full of 29small gifts to open, one each day for the next 29 days.  on his birthday he was busy driving from seattle to austin. but like always he drove none stop so we could snag a couple of hours with the best papa ever!
i thought my gifts were super cleaver...and cheap of course we have to stay within our $5budget:0
so he got socks, lots of candy, toothpaste to offset the candy, badly needed pair of sweats (and now i get his old ones! yes!) and other stuff i can't mention because he has not opened them yet. but one of them was a special birthday/halloween post just for him....not so exciting without a camera, so my words will have to melt your heart babe!

happy birthday to one old man!
i love you so much, and i love that even though we have been apart for 5months...which seems way longer, you still like me:)
i love that you know me inside and out and you still claim me as your wife and mother to your babies.
but this is your birthday and is about you.
so here's to the man you always make us all laugh.
who works really hard to be the best student, dr, husband, father, friend he can be.
who is competitive in all the good ways,
and happy for others in all the best ways too.
who lets me support him in his dream of becoming a podiatrist.
to the man who stole my heart...and has not once tried to give it back.
who lets me be me, 
and watch tv shows like project runway and happy endings like its the best date he has ever had!
to the man who has taught our cute petite little girls to wrestle and run so fast!
and to laugh so hard..or not breathe (tenley) when being tickled by the best tickle monster in town.
who laughs at me when i try and cook meat...and it never turns out right...
who new lamb chops and pork chops are not the same thing and should be cooked differently???
who has a bit of edge to him and has to be reminded not to fight when he is playing ball.

so happy happy birthday to the man of my dreams, to the man who is dedicated in all that he does,
to the man that will always be there for me, no matter how far away he might be.
i hope this year is the best year ever!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

18 months

I have lost my besides being completely devastated about losing the camera (don't worry spence i'm gonna find it just like the titles to the car, and other random stuff i keep losing)

what ms T is up to...
she loves signing time, and loves learning new signs, she is talking a lot and will repeat what you say...her favorite words, kitty, hi-hi-hi, bye, sister, up, down, apple, banana, help, mama, papa, pappy, grandma, go-go-go, no-no-no (most the time she says that to her sister) drink, snack, cheese, button, and much more.  
she loves quacking like a duck, and its hilarious to hear her do it.
jumping, running in place, dancing, petting the dog, going outside to explore, she will wake up in the morning and chat to herself in a super soft and sweet voice. still has  just a little-itty bit of hair.  she is very cautious about new people..except at church she loves all the faces and plays peek-a-boo with everyone.  she loves being chased and will run and hide! loves pretending to cook when i cook.  will still settle down when i sing her special tenley song. loves grandma, loves being tickled. won't give me a kiss and when i try to sneak a kiss she softly says, no. absolutely loves her cousins and will play with them all day. hates getting her teeth brushed.
    TENLEY MAG you are growing up so fast, you have always been my sensitive and sweet baby.  you are so patient with me and your wild sister. i am so grateful to be able to look into your deep dark beautiful brown eyes everyday and your calmness helps me be a better mom.  i love you so much.

what ms Q is up to...
she loves eating, even though she has hallow bones and is tiny she can eat more food than you can imagine and she will eat just about anything.  she also love watching signing time and will constantly sign that she wants to watch it.  she isn't as chatty as her big sister but she loves saying mama, papa, dog, kitty, up, down, go-go-go, banana.  dramatically shakes her head up and down to say YES.
she loves jumping and gets both feet in the air really well. she will dance...we call it the russian dance because its a little stiff, she still lets me hold her when she first wakes up in the morning which is special. loves holding the dogs leash and grunts orders, gets super excited about everything and still has a deep gremlin voice.  she pushes and tries to boss her sister around...she is really spunky and never holds still, she is like a little humming bird always moving around. listens really well when she wants to...and will walk with me to her bed at night, or get her shoes for me, or coat, or diaper.  has several secret hidding spaces in the house, she will but things in a cabinet and run away.  kisses, but only kisses opened mouth.  will talk on the play phone for hours and hours...loves animals...a little too much cause she will kiss a stray dog on the lips! 
     QUINCY JO you make me laugh with your wild none stop running, your love for life and contagious excitement about everything.  i am so lucky to be able to brush your shaggy hair aside and  see your tender chubby checks and know that you are my baby and always will be!

Monday, October 10, 2011

i'm so glad when daddy comes home!!

 spence stopped by last weekend as he was driving from southbend indiana, to his october rotation in seattle.  it was so fun to see him....the girls couldn't believe he was really here, and not on the computer but in the real live flesh.  he was only here for the day/night so we crammed in as much fun as possible....even tried on our winter snow gear!
 please, don't go!! 
 lots and lots of exploring, at the park, with the ducks, and our own back yard.

4months down and only 2more to go! spence is really enjoying his rotation in seattle, and we are trying to stay busy so the time passes faster...the girls are getting so big and are so much fun!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

newly weds...again..

i flew to chicago for a quick 38hr trip to see spence  (i don't do well flying, it takes the little sanity i have to some how not jump from the plane or throw up...
next time i am self medicating) 
 but besides the flight the trip was amazing and so fun to run all over town 
kid free like we were newly weds. 
 us outside the chicago art museum....we hitched a ride on a double decker bus and cruised around town just like all the other tourist!!

 hot cocoa in september...we are definitely not in arizona anymore.

we had a blast.  thanks to grandma and pappy who watched the ever so wild twinners. 
of course i made spence eat some true chicago deep dish pizza...twice. we also tried one of oprah's favorite things...popcorn from (click the link to see more) garrretts chicago style.  and even though it was the quickest trip in history we still saw all of chicago, caught a movie, went bowling, ate a lot, slept in, ate some more, saw the new superman movie being filmed, and laughed like nobody's business.  best weekend evveeer!

Friday, September 16, 2011

fun fun fun!

 when spence was in town last weekend payson was having a good ole fashion carnival, so we took the girls down hoping for a good time.  i really wanted to go for the cotton candy but it was $4 a bag so we had to pass.... the girls were to small to do any of the rides but they were highly entertained with all the lights, sounds, and people running around.  small towns really do know how to party.
 and owen, and ladd showed us such a good time at thanksgiving point we had to go back!!
 the girls really love all the animals...and so far the animals love them too!
 here is a good picture of little ms q taking charge, she grabbed her leash and headed to see more goats.  
she is so funny.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

legends of running

my amazing brother-in-law Paul Rosser
has been selected as 
st. george marathons #7
 in their legends of 35yrs of running series.  
go here to read more!!