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Friday, June 1, 2012

Midwestern Graduation part one!

 We headed down to Arizona on wedneday night for one last trip to celebrate spencer's graduation from medical school.  yesterday we had a lunch banquet to honor the students
 and recognize all their hard work over the past 4 years. 
 I don't know who has worked harder or who is more excited and reliefed that Medical school is over...i think all the wives will say with tears in their eyes that we have all had to make sacrifices
to be succesful in this long and hard journey.
 Dr. Page did a really great job recognizing all the students and giving great advice now that all the students are no longer student-doctors but REAL doctors.
we will be friends for life with this crew.  we have all been through so much together....
stress, no sleep, marriage, birth of new babies, loss of parents, immense struggles, being super poor,
missing family, feeling lonely, hospital stays, excitement, holidays, not seeing spouses for weeks at a time, you name it we have all done it together. 
i can honestly say that as hard as medical school has been, it was definitely harder than i could have ever imagined, but yet we didn't have to do it alone.  we had each other and our families.  thank you for all of the friends and family that have been our support system through all of this.  i know spencer and i only went crazy a couple of times.

spencer's parents were able to come up for the weekend.  it was really good for them to see him be honored for all of his hard work. 
my parents were nice enough to stay behind in utah and watch the twins so we could enjoy the weekend and not have to worry about wrestling with 2-2year olds through ceremonies.

today will be big grand graduation with cap and gown.  and then saturday we head out on a long awaited cruise.!!