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Monday, February 15, 2010

not again...

easter 2009
st. george marathon 2008
its hard to believe that last year at this time i was driving home from utah after staying there for a month to help my dad recover from emergency open heart surgery due to endocarditis. months of IV antibiotics, no driving for 12wks, and tons of other unforeseen complications
dad was a really brave and a hero through all of it.
But now it seems he has to go back in again to replace the mitral valve that didn't heal/take properly. he has only had 20% of his heart functioning and was having pulmonary problems since about Sept. I can't imagine having to have open heart surgery again, let alone only 13months from the first surgery. it was so hard the first time around to see my dad a marathon runner, strong powerful man, better repair man than bob villa himself, go through so much physical pain and torment after taking such good care of his body all these years.
So tomorrow is the surgery day, and as i sit on bed rest i hope and pray that all goes well. its a tough and complicated surgery and i wish i could be there to help him recover, or just wish him well face to face and give him one last hug. but for now i pray and try to control all my emotions. I know he is in good hands and he is truly the bravest man i know, and has never asked the question why all this has happened to him, yet as he says has, "come what may and love it."
i love you dad, your my best friend and greatest model of seeking joy through everything.
love, billy
one of many training runs organized by dad

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


wanted to do a quick update on the babies.
we finally have made it 26wks which is amazing:) i am the opposite of most pregnant women i tell the babies everyday to just keep swimming in my tummy as long as possible...we are in no rush to get them here and as uncomfortable as i may get sometimes it doesn't out weigh the hope for some healthy chubby babies.:)
last week was a rough one, late tuesday night i started bleeding a lot and our dr said if this happens to just head to labor and delivery. so at 10pm spence loaded me up in the car and we headed to the hospital. little did we expect to be not only admitted but to stay 2nights:( and poor spence of course had a test wed morning and neither of us got any sleep. can i just say i have an amazing husband.
it was and is extremely emotional and unfortunately all i really want to do is cry just a tear or too because of how scarey everything is...but if i get emotional i can't control it and then i have way too many contractions. but i will say with the dyer need to cry and let it out comes great comfort from Heavenly Father and i will say he has really done some miracles in this pregnancy already. and i will be eternally grateful for this chance to be a mom of two little girls.:)
the nurses were good...expect i would have loved it if my mom and sisters could have been there, but i realized spending a night alone in a hospital bed how brave spence and i are and have been through all this. i am surprised how when bad news comes spence just takes all the fear away and reassures me. we are trying to be like what little lucy says, "tough as nails" through all this and we are managing somehow through all this.
i wanted to thank all the wonderful friends here in AZ that have really come through the last couple months. dinners, rides, magazines, more dinners, prayers, emails blessings, phone calls, you name it they have done it without even thinking twice. so i guess through the last couple months i have realized how brave i can be, how much my Heavenly Father really loves us, and how valuable true friends really are. so thank you to all that have helped and for being so understanding during this wild roller coaster ride of a pregnancy.
at the hospital we saw an amazing perinatologist (who chastised me about eating more, gaining a certain amt of weight by certain weeks, and that it wouldn't hurt to eat a hamburger every once in awhile as she scolded me for lack of protein in my diet. spence loved that she was disciplining me on the need to eat more protein which i totally agree but just not in the form of a cow) we discovered that it seems like the bleeding is coming from one of the placentas. but miraculously it is healing itself pretty good so the plan is to wait it out day by day and week by week all while on strict bed rest. i'm still taking (everyday because i have so many contractions) my wonderful contraction medications to minimize going into labor this soon which really freaks me out. but i know these babies can hang in there just a couple more months. as my dr said if we need to hang me upside down and put a cork in me for a couple months we'll do it!
the fun news is, is that baby a is measure great and weighs est. 1lb 12oz, and baby b is 1lb 6oz. which is amazing:) i know it seems crazy to be glad for a 1lb baby but when you are having so many complications and they could come any time now its nice to know they are growing good and strong.
so theres the run down on a never dull pregnancy. thanks again to everyone that has helped out, sent flowers and done special things for spencer and i. hopefully the next two weeks will be extremely uneventful. until then, lots of love car and spence and babies:)
and a special congrats to my bff heather and kevin who welcome their baby boy Ladd a little early than expected but way to be so brave heather!!!