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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


After we blessed baby CeCe we left spencer and headed onward to Utah.
 But before all that
Our mini van had a minor encounter with a wild boar at 1230am in the middle of nowhere Texas.  Spencer was driving and all the kids were finally asleep when we drove upon a small pack of wild boars in the middle of the road.  Spencer did a great job of trying to slow down, but the boar darting infront of us at the last minute. Luckily Spencer didn't panic and over correct but we did some damage on the front right side of the car.
As we stopped to access the damage, we were lucky the car was still drivable because we were 40min from cell phone range and still 5hrs from spencers parents in Colorado.  The accident could have been much worse, especially with so much previous cargo.  Unfortunately when we hit the boar it woke the girls, and they were pretty sad that we killed a pig, but got over it quickly when Spence said we would just eat it later.  
The car spent two weeks in the shop but is all fixed. I'm so grateful that nothing more serious happened.
After the blessing spencer flew back to Texas to do a heavy rotation at the VA and to be on call the whole month.  We Have really missed him but he has been super busy and doing a lot of surgery which he loves. 

When we finally arrived in Utah we were treated like queens! All the cousins were so excited to see us and finally meet CeCe.

So grateful to be around family and so many helping hands.

We were able to grandma and grandpa mortensen again during conference!

CeCe bath

Can't get enough of this cutie. 
She still doesn't really like baths, but she sure is cute with all her chubby rolls.
Hoping that she keeps the red hair.

Precious moments with great grandma sally.

Monday, April 28, 2014

CeCe Blessing

at the end of March we took a road trip to Colorado to bless baby CeCe
it was small, simple and sweet.
my parents drove up from Utah to meet us, it was really nice to have both grandparents there.

Cece's dress was long and heavy so she posed in the nude for us, until everyone was ready for the special moment.

tired baby

it was also really special to have both great grandma's there!

spencer gave a really special name and blessing.
it is an honor to be this sweet baby's mom and to have her in our life.
she really is straight from heaven and is so sweet and special.
its always hard work getting a new baby here, but CeCe has been more than worth it, and we'd sacrifice anything to have her with us forever, she is so amazing!
Ms CeCe has a special spirit about her, and we can already tell that she will be very independent and smiley.  Can't believe how blessed we are to have her in our lives.  i'm forever grateful to my Father in heaven for trusting me with such sweet spirits to raise and to love.

quincy and tenley

with a new baby at home these two girls haven't skipped a beat.
they are doing so great adjusting and besides their endless energy they are perfect!
spence has done a great job of spending extra time with them whenever he can.

spence took them to the zoo

i love that these two are best friends, holding hands and always playing together.
spence also took them to the ward daddy daughter date!
they loved that they got to go to a ball with their prince charming. 

these girls are so grown up
they do just about everything all by themselves.
they help with chores around the house: dishes, sweep up the floor, fold laundry, hang up their clothes, collect the trash, unload the dish washer, rotate the laundry, help in the garden, and much more.
i'm so glad they are my little helpers and hard workers too!
playing imagination and loving the new baby.