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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We had our annual Halloween party at the beginning of the month.
Aunt JoJo sent us Ariel costumes so we did a Little Mermaid theme, the girls love little mermaid.
We got super cheap wigs on line, and i took a pair of spencer's scrubs and sewed them into a mer-tail, and we covered balloons in black garbage sacks for ursula's tentacles. there is nothing like making costumes for under $10:)
We had several families over, and of course only got a couple pictures taken. 
here are some of the kids...there was 24kids in total so it was a little wild!
and of course the classic donut on a string!
we made the dad's do it was pretty intense!
And finally Halloween night!
we headed to the smith's house for a cul de sac of halloween casseroles and trick or treating.
 the girls were really excited and we headed out at 6pm sharp!
and this year they did great running up to the door and yelling trick or treat!

and i couldn't help but laugh at tenley picking up her dress so she could run house to house.

 the girls had a great time, i was a little disappointed with our neighborhood, it seemed that only every 4 houses someone was home, but the girls didn't care they were just excited to be out!
 spence and his itchy beard.  don't be surprised if next year he is Gandolf, santa, or Zeus.
We had a great halloween, and the girls are really good about only taking 1 piece of candy out of pappy's treasure box!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


the girls have started a little gymnastics group with city of Temple.
it isn't much but it's plenty for them, and they love it!
here they are doing the bridge and the balance beam. 

spencer has been working super late, but that is nothing new,
but when he comes home it is definitely a dance party!

its still nice and warm here in texas so we have been enjoying time at the park
and have learned how to slide down the fire pole!
for part of spencer's birthday we headed to Houston to watch BYU play football.
we went down with several friends and had a great time.
it was really nice that it was in the big Houston Texans NFL stadium
...everything is better when its bigger. 
we had great seats and had a great time!
Photo: Halftime!