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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who's the Spudman?

On the 23rd of July, Spencer competed in his first full length or olympic triathlon in Burley, Idaho. That included a 1.2 mile swim, 26 mile bike, and 6 mile run. Before that point, he's never ran six miles in his life, so he was a little nervous for the run. Hist total time was 2 hours and 22 min. He kicked trash and took 30th in his age group... ya thats my stellor husband.

Sweet Mesquite

There's nothing sweeter than the 115 degree Mesquite, Nevada sun. On the weekend of the 19th of July, Carly and I traveled to Mesquite with Colton and Tami with Kristy and Brett arriving the next day. We lodged at Colton's family condo were we lived like kings and queens for the weekend. Many a' hour were spent poolside, playing in the pool, jumping of the rock waterfall, gambling (in which Spencer won $15), on the links, and we even held the first annual Mesquite Tennis Couples Open. We ate, relaxed, and lived like there were no tomorrow. Great weekend, can't wait for next year.

When's the last time you rode a cow?

For the 24th of July Carly and I accompanied a couple dozens of our nieces and nephews to the animal farm at Thanksgiving point. Needless to say opportunities to get into mischeif were plenty. I slapped a cow on its rump and then jumped into a corral to get a pretty little Belgian cow closer to the kidlets. Carly was adimit that I get out of the stable before I get arrested by the animal farm police (??). Unfortunately, the second cow wouldn't budge. I was in trouble with the wife but gave the kids a show- totally worth it! Then Reese, whom is turning four, opens the door to one of the rabbit's cages in order to pet it. Lucky for us it didn't get out. Girl's got some potential. All in all, the kids saw farm animals and even rode some mini-horses. It was a fun day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It about blog time!!

Everyone keeps harassing me and spence about not being a blogger, so i'm gonna explain my reservations and then not mention it again as spence and i have now just joined the world of blogging! -ok so i was reluctant to start a blog because too often in life people try to brag about themselves online and i have alway snubbed my nose at them until now. Why the big change?? well i need to learn how to blog while i have amanda here to help me become computer savey cause in a month i'm gonna be on my own in the blogging world. My wonderful amazing sister amanda aka the worlds best blogger will be teaching me the 101 of blogging. so for the next couple of weeks this blog will be in progress, but spence and i are super excited to continue to stay connected to our families. so wish us luck with the new journey of blogging.:)