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Thursday, December 24, 2009

20wks and some news

ok so this is a little late but we are having girls!!!! yes finally baby B moved off of baby A enough so we could see some special body parts to determine boy or girl.
We are exstatic!! but to be honest we could careless boy or girl, we just really want some healthy little ones.(so please don't ask me if we are going to keep trying for boys cause i'll just cry)
So far the babies are doing good. Growin and I can feel them rolling around and kicking each other to find more room. A lot of people have asked so here is the 411 of my bedrest.(i wouldn't normally blog about this but everyone keeps asking, and i have literally fallin of the face of the earth and this is why:) I've been on real limited activity since about 9wks:( but last week we had some complications and went to see the doctor. I have been having pre-term contractions which is really bad since we are only 20wks. the dr gave us some wonderful medicine that helps stop the contractions.
He then put me on strict bedrest which means only bathrooms trips.(we are doing good spence has been taking wonderful care of me, cause i know most of you are going to ask how to help, and for sure when the time comes i'll be calling in favors:)
We have been really blessed and we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for watching over these little babies and keeping them safe.
yes, its been hard especially emotionally but we are in good hands
and have faith that all will be well.
Being pregnant is so fun, laying in bed for 9months isnt really what i imagined my pregnancy to be like, but you do what you have to do.
last week i was suppose to fly to utah for christmas and my wonderful sisters were hosting a baby shower for me. unfortunately i couldn't be there, so they just skyped me in. seriously who invites people to a party and then doesn't even show up? was fun to see everyone and i just watched everything through the computer.:)
so thanks everyone for coming, thanks sis' for putting on another
spectacular party(pic to follow next post)
hope everyone has a happy holiday! and we'll keep ya posted on these 2 little ones.
lots of love, and thanks again to everyone>>>you know who you are... who have visited and gave us meals,
spence really enjoys your cooking more than mine anyway!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays

THE GRINCH has moved in, or taken over. But don't worry, he won't be stealing anyone's Christmas round these parts.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

29yrs and then some!

I am only posting this belly picture for my sisters (serioulsy this time there is no pillow, that's just me and the babies)...right about now Amanda has just screamed so loud the neighbors are wondering whats going on:) yup i definitely got a prego belly,
and without getting too emotional it really is the
best birthday present i've ever had! Each morning i serioulsy wake up and pinch myself because i just don't think its really happening...what a dream come true!!
here is our fabulous tree...yes its been handed down to all the all the newly weds in the fam but it still looks good and brings the spirit of christmas to our home.

last night on short notice we had some friends over for rootbeer floats just to celebrate me
truly being the oldest person in the room of about 12 people :)
we didn't take any pictures...not a single one, but we had a blast and i am so grateful to have met so many wonderful people here in AZ.
so thanks for your friendship and love, and for coming over last night even though i didn't capture a single moment of our fun on camera.

and yes Kai has aged too, she doesn't seem to be coping very well with the whole idea of getting older, so she is strutin her angry eyes:)

and last but not least, i did capture a pic of all these wonderful women and count em 11kids! they all surprised me on my birthday and brought pink cupcakes with sprinkles
and everything.
There is nothing better than good friends and good fun on your birthday!

a quick shout out to spence: thanks for a great birthday! you are the greatest hubby in the world and surprise me more and more each day with how amazing you are.