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Thursday, August 22, 2013

zilker park, austin

 zilker park is the largest park in austin....its huge.
so huge that we only spent the day at burstons pond.
 it was an interesting place, has a really old school lade back feel to it.
 the girls were a little nervous about all the green stuff floating by, 
the moss was really slippery.

 there was a cool diving board and of course spence dove off!
 we can't wait to go back and explore more of the park,
playground, kayaking, frisbee fields, a train!
we will definitely be going back.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

headed home

after 2 months in utah it was time to head home....our texas home that is.
the girls seem to think they have a utah home and a texas daddy home, i can see why as we have spent so much time there. 
we had planned on staying 1 month but i ran into some early pregnancy complications, that got even more complicated with my ever so friendly bowel disease.(more on that later)
Pappy is everyone's favorite and best friend.
i still get homesick, but i really really  miss pappy.
the girls ask for him on  a daily basis, he really is that great!
we had a great time with all these crazy cousins!
boots and paps really have a special connection.
one day he had to go to work and boots sat at the window and watched him drive away, she then turned to me and said, " he's my best friend" i instantly started to tear up, he's my best friend too!

while in utah, there were several days that fritz just sat in the car waiting for us, sometimes he may have been hiding too, but he always came along with us, but this time he couldn't come all the way to texas.
us and all our STUFF loaded to go. 
grandma debbie came into town to help us drive all the way home to texas.
it took us an extra long time to get home 2 10hr days and 1 8hr day.
it was a long trip but we finally made it back to texas.
the girls were so happy to see their daddy again!  it had been way too long!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

thanksgiving point.

 its never really a complete trip to utah without visiting thanksgiving pt farm.
the girls love all the animals, and i can't help but laugh that we pay  money to see cows and horses!
 this time the animals were really excited to see us!
both girls got licked by the cow. 
 poor tenley must have tasted really good because the cow kept licking her and licking her,
finally tenley got nervous after the 3rd big long lick and wanted to get away.

 of course heather and her boys met up with us.
these boys are so cute!
 all 8 kids! and though the picture might not show it, they all loved it!
 heather is such a great mom and true friend.  its hard to imagine that we have known each other for so long and even though we have moved to Az, then to Tx she still is so great about staying in touch.
i love you heather you are the greatest and always inspire me to be nicer, happier and easier going!
 boots was in heaven while riding her horse, she kept leaning down and petting him.
so cute!
 tenley enjoyed it too, and has really warmed up to riding horses!
 of course we fed as many animals as we could find!
 and tenley even rode the tractor for awhile.
another major successful trip to thanksgiving point! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Utah 24th of July

24th of July

 what do you do on hot summer days?
eat pickles and swim!
 it was so hot, that even coco had to get wet!
 the girls love madi and kept taking her all over!
 these 3 girls had the best summer together, taylor is the best big sister and always takes care of the twins
 there is nothing like hot smores! i thought the girls would love it, but it was too sticky for them!
 the first time for fireworks and sparklers, good thing pappy was there to help us!

 and when the fireworks get too loud, pappy will push you on the swing. he really is the best!

 getting ready for fireworks!
 the fireworks may have been loud, but they were sure pretty!!!

dancing queens

 while in utah one of our favorite activities was dancing!
 the girls loved dancing to disney princess music and anything on the radio!

 pappy is always the prince to dance with and the girls loved him spinning them around!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

7peaks and the zoo

 my brother josh was able to take some time off while we were in town and he treated us good.
he took us to 7peaks and the Zoo!
 the kids had a blast at 7peaks, i hadn't been there since i worked there in high school...
i could take many pictures because of all the splashing and wild kids around, but we had a blast.

 the zoo of course was under construction, but we had fun anyway!!

 ms Q is gage's little shadow!
and of course we had to stop for a snack.
 the zoo was also featuring a Lego exhibit of the animals, it was really cool to see amazing things all made out of Lego's.

 again, how many kids are there? and we didn't loose any of them.
we did look a bit like sister wives, with 3 moms and only 1 dad....
but it was awesome to spend time with josh and his kids!

i can't believe they still have the drinking fountain,
i remember it from when i was kid! 

 and to finish to the zoo right, end it with a carrisle ride!