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Sunday, November 8, 2015

30wks and life goes on

fritz and cece have a love hate relationship.  they love to hate each other.  she loves playing with him and he just really wants to take naps. 
30wks and still trekking!  i started bleeding again at 28wks, but nothing too crazy just like a chronic period.  needless to say i bled for 24days straight.  this placenta is very problematic, but somehow baby william has just kept growing and doing really good.  infact he has always measured 14days ahead.  none of the kids ever measure big so he is growing just fine.  the biggest problem with placenta bleeding is that it can stop from feeding the baby efficiently, but so far so good. 
the bishop and stake pres. came to visit me.  it was an honor and a unique privileged to have them come visit.  this situation has been so hard, and being away from spencer has been rough too.  but they came to check on me, offer counsel and to renew my temple recommend.  since i can't physically go to them, they came to me.  i can't tell you how much i love the church and the opportunity i have to grow closer to my Savior through all this. 
the above quote was shared and it is so fitting to our situation. 

face and a hand.  this baby is cute, can't wait to meet him, but he needs to keep cooking as long as he can.  

cece loves books! and likes to point out all the animals!
here knew thing is when i get up to go potty she will rush over and sit in my spot.  i guess that's what happens when you don't call place backs!

aren't these girls gorgeous!  i don't know what we will do with a boy, but i'm sure we can make him fancy too!

q&t friend took them to the schools halloween carnival.  they had the best time ever!  i was feeling bad that i couldn't take them and they would miss out and their sweet friends mom offered to take them.  they had different games and booths to play and even a small spook alley!
both girls won small gold fish, i thought they would last a day or two but they are still going strong after 2wks.  of course they named them shimer and rosetta.

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