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Thursday, November 5, 2015

April and a visit from Pappy

these girls sure are cute, and they are true sisters because they love each other as much as they bug each other.  little cece gets into their things all the time, so the girls have learned to play on the top bunk so she cant get to them.

one of the nicest things about our neighborhood is there are 3 parks all within walking distance.  the girls love to go to the park and play, they could run all day.  lately they ride their bikes or walk there and they still have energy to play. 

no fear CeCe, she has mastered the slide and loves it, this little tike is small for her age but she can keep up with all the big kids. 
we started to color our fence, which i think is so creative and fun, the kids love it, and then when it rains it all washes off. 
surprise we are having another baby!!!!!
in december we decided we would let fate decide if we should have another baby.  I didn't want to completely shut the door and then feel bad years later that we didn't at least give it one last shot.  So to our surprise 5months later (and we were only going to give ourselves 6months and then close up the baby shop for good) we found out we were pregnant.

spencer had another work conference so Pappy came to town and spoiled us!!!
he did all my honey do's and took us to all the fun places.

pic nic at the park and eating at restaurants!  CeCe learned how to dip nuggets!

shopping at their favorite store and even cleaning out the garage, there is no task to big or small for pappy.  The girls absolutely love him, and he is so great with them, i love that they love him as much as I do. 
reading princess books and simply being with him, we loved every minute!

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