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Thursday, November 5, 2015

February 2015

This little lady is so silly and loves making us all laugh!

 We got a cool new toy at our house just in time for the great texas weather.  CeCe loves riding along.  She has a little trick where she leans forward and pulls your pants down so everyone can see your bum.  but other than that its super fun!  I love it when spence attaches the bike carrier and tows the twins along as well while I jog.  Its great!
 These girls love coloring and drawing, so this year I had them write out their own valentines cards to all their preschool friends.

Our friend Jill watched the kids so spence and I could get away, we went to dinner at mimi's thai restaurant and then walked around the belton dam.

 Tenley loves this girl, she has such a mothering heart and takes good care of her.

 best friends for life!!

 Spence had a business trip so We girls had to entertain ourselves.  We went hiking around the Belton dam and got ice cream.  These girls are so fun and I'm so lucky to get to be with them every day!

 Took the kids to the mayborn museum, this was CeCe first time and she loved it!  she played with everything!
And just as much as Tenley loves CeCe sometimes CeCe needs her space.

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