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Saturday, November 7, 2015

May summer fun

Temple has the best splash pads!  CeCe loves the water and isn't scared at all, not even with all the bigger kids running around wild and crazy.  sad that this is our last summer here.  I have great memories of bringing the girls to the splash pads and letting them just play for hours. 

CeCe has figured out how climb the bunk beds.  Right now she just climbs and then does a flip into the bed.  She thinks she is so cool, and now the girls have no place to hide from her. 

Sunday walks and back yard water fights.  of course cece like to control the hose, but the girls are really good playing with each other. 

And now CeCe has figured out how to climb to the top of the bunk beds and jump around.  She is so proud of herself.  too bad she doesn't know how to get down by herself.

and when you live with a bunch of girls you get your hair done!

our sweet friend Lilly with the girls at the splash pad.  gonna ms that girl, she loves qt
and q had a visit to the eye dr. she was really brave and everything checked out just fine. 

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