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Saturday, November 7, 2015

preschool grad and a few good byes

preschool graduation from prince of peace.  Can't believe they are this big.  but the girls had preschool graduation.  they sang cute songs about Jesus.  We loved miss Gail, and learning about how Jesus died on the cross for all our sins. 

spencer couldn't make it cause he was working but the girls really enjoyed saying good bye to their teacher and all the friends they made their.  I'm surprised I got such great pics all while holding and chasing cece around. 

Cece likes to do home work too!
and this is our little crew walking over to the Wrights house for a good bye party.
every wednesday I would babysit the smith's.  lily and peter (they are 3yr old twins) and charlie who is 6months older than cece and they all play great together, but 6kids is a lot.

some of the crazy kids 
and all the hot mama's that have been such wonderful friend while here in Texas
most of them are resident wives with small children so we all really bonded and took care of each other.  we had a real sister hood together. 

q capturing me with the camera resting on the couch. 
this pregnancy was just as nausea as the twins, i think its cause i'm so old. 

grandma pink came to town to help finish packing and for spencer's graduation, and of course to help us make another and final 24hr drive from texas to utah.  Q started packing her own boxes cause she was so worried i would forget something.  she is so funny, but it was a little sad to see her be so worried. 

our neighbor friend stella, these girls could play for hours together!

and the long cross country trip begins. 
the girls do pretty good, but it sure is a long way to get home. 

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