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Sunday, November 8, 2015

28wks and school pics

it was school picture time.  i really wanted to girls to be super fancy, but since kindergarten is basically recess we decided that might not be a good idea.  
tenley is a great helper with cece, and cece has started to say "tenney" its so cute.

the girls dressed up as minions for drug free week, cause there is a minion reasons to stay drug free!
these girls have big appetites!  and for lunch on some days my dad will let them come eat lunch with me.  notice cece is eating a whole corn dog by herself!  she's a great dipper too!

cece entertaining me in bed.  she is a great bed partner and climbs up on the bed and walks to her special spot right next to me each morning.  pappy has taught her to say, 'good morning' she is a cutie and loves signing time.  she is so smart.  one day i said cece you are so cute, and she said, smart! and did the sign language, super cute and she is right she is super smart.  when she starts to whine, my dad signs stop whining and she says, in the sweetest voice, 'ok'
28wks and i got to get out of bed and watch conference with the family! so relieved to make to 28wks, its a huge milestone.  especially because the dr said it would be a miracle to make it that far, and i agree it rally has been a miracle. 
my sweet friends from high school +hillary (she had to leave early) came and visited me one night. it was a great distraction and we laughed really hard.  love these girls.
here are the official school pictures.  can i just tell you how hard it is to do fancy hair while laying flat in bed!  especially without any hair spray.  so i take fault for their crazy hair, but they sure are cute girls.  i don't know how we got so lucky!

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