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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jan 2015

 Not so much a baby any more.  

 These two love each other!
 The girls had a dance recital at a local care center.  These girls sure know how to shake it, and they love preforming.  So grateful for our friend Margaret that teaches the girls for basically for free. 

 This is what we do all day, lay around, and play

 WE got another reader on our hands!

 The girls are my best buddies at the gym.  Well they are good sports about going with me to T3 each morning to help me get and stay healthy and strong.  It is a great break for me, and I really enjoy working out and pushing myself to the limits.  I mostly do a boot camp and then try and do stroller runs when the girls are at school.  I enjoy exercising, but the best part is hearing the girls say they want to go run, or be healthy and strong too!

 I rarely get to take pictures with the girls let alone all of us together.  
This little one gets into everything.  She is a lot more mischievious than the twins were, I think the twins had each other to play with instead of getting into trouble.  CeCe see's what the big kids are doing and really wants to do the same thing.
this is a picture happy as can be because she found a new seat right in the fridge.
this is a picture after I moved her and shut the fridge door, I obviously broke her heart.
 The girls love playing "band" they sing and dance and play drums and other pretend instruments.  I love seeing them use their imaginations, and play together. 

CeCe and her many adventures!

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