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Saturday, November 7, 2015

strict bed rest july 31st

The end of july became a complicated month.  on july 16th we were suppose to go to lake powell with my friends from high school.  it was going to be our treat from graduating from residency.  the day before we were suppose to go, i started bleeding.  so we decided that i would stay home in elk ridge with cece and spencer would take the girls to lake powell.  mostly because we could reach our friends on the lake because they didn't have reception and we were bringing the food. 
the bleeding stopped, but then every couple days i started having severe completely debilitating bowel pain.  I couldn't handle the pain.  in fact at one point i actually passed out from pain.  my heart would race, i would start to sweat and then i would have severe lower right side pain.  it didn't feel like crohns or colitis so spence took me to the er because we thought it was a bowel blockage.

because i'm pregnant they couldn't do much, they did an mri and it came back fine, but they couldn't see my bowel because the baby was sitting on it.  they gave me morphine for the pain and said to follow up with gi.  spence had to go to new mexico to start his new job, but we didn't feel comfortable with me going until we figured out what was going on with all my pain.
 i saw a gi dr and she didn't listen to my symptoms (long story) but i went to dr. glenn's off just to say hi to jo, and dr glenn walked by and i told him what was going on.  he did a quick exam and pushed on my stomach and said it sounds like a bowel blockage, or adhesions.  he recommended i start as soft/liquid diet and see perinatology as well.  We saw perinatology the next day miraculously. 
at peri i was diagnosed with placenta previa, possible placenta acretta and a huge sub chorionic bleed.  the dr told me to expect heavy bleeding and a very high risk pregnany.  it was a total shock because i had been so concerned about the imbareable bowel pain, i hadn't really thought about having anything else wrong.  2 days later (19wk) i woke up in the middle of the night thinking i had peed my pants.  but i and the bed was covered in blood.  a lot of blood, like murder seen blood.  my mom took me to l&d and dr glenn ran some tests, and luckily the bleeding stopped, he then said i needed to be on strict bed rest.   my parents were great and my dad quickly took charge and started taking care of the kids.  the dr's said i wouldn't be able to travel to new mexico until after the baby because i and the baby were at too high risk.  so we have now been living in elk ridge and my dad has been taking care of the kids, while spence is in new mexico at his new job.

Tenley lost a tooth, and then 2 days later lost another one!!!  the new teeth were already in, just waiting to move forward once the other teeth feel out.  the first tooth feel out when she was chewin on a toy, and she didn't even notice, and we had to search for the tooth on the floor.
the other tooth was hanging on by a thin tread and wiggled and wiggled.  she finally let pappy look at it and he wiggled it and bing, it feel out.  the tooth fairy came and gave her 3 quarters!  Q feels a little left out and is trying to wiggle her teeth and make them lose.  I keep telling her they will fall out  when they are ready too. 

aunt kristie got the kids a barbie house, and they love it, and play with it while i lay on the couch on bed rest.
things got worse as my bowel pain got more intense despite my soft/liquid diet.  my dad took me to the er and it was decided i needed emergency surgery to see what was going on.  i was in so much pain, even though i know there was a huge risk i could lose the baby during the surgery i felt like i didn't have any other options.  my dad had given me several priesthood blessings and i felt comforted that this was the right choice.  my dad called spencer and i spoke with him for 2min before they took me back to surgery.  it all happened so quickly.  spence was able to hop in the car and start driving up to be with me. 
during surgery they took out my appendix and found that i have a unattached cecum, which makes its so the bowel doesn't get twisted and blocked.  the pain was coming from when the bowel would twist and stop blood flow.  dr cook said he did what he could but he could fix the bowel because it is too invasive of a surgery while pregnant.  i was to remain on a soft diet and after i have the baby get it repaired.  it was all really scary.  i stayed the night in the hospital as i was having uterine bleeding for the first 8hrs but then it stopped.  spence got in late, but was able to stay the night with me.  because of the high risk with the baby they removed my bathroom privileges so spence my sweet husband for our 8th wedding anniversary helped change my bed pan.  so romantic...
it was a really hard emotional weekend.  but somehow things all worked out.  I was able to go home and moved into my mom and dads room because i can't go down stairs and need to be super close 15 steps to the bathroom.  my due date isn't until dec 27, we have 5months before the baby can be born but there are so many obstacles in our way.  it seems like the most horrible, problematic pregnancy in history.  not just 1 bad diagnosis but 4.  I was so scared and didn't want to have a preemie baby or another bowel episode.  it was all just too much to handle.
but through our faith, the faith of family and friends, priesthood blessings and the sweet whispering of the spirit i've been comforted along the way and am receiving great medical care. 

now that i'm in bed 24hrs a day this is what pictures look like.  kids in bed with me

i feel really bad not being able to be with the kids, take care of them, help them, and love and touch them, hold them.  i feel bad i'm missing out on cece growing up.  she is such a cutie.  its hard because spence is in new mexico and comes to visit when he can.  my family mostly 99% my dad is doing a great job taking care of the kids and me.  he loves the kids as much as he can, and is running a household all by himself.  he is so selfless.

i'm so lucky to have a great family that loves my kids, and understands how important it is to get this pregnancy as far as we can.  the goal is 36wks which is thanksgiving.  strict bed rest from 19wks on is hard, but with faith and such an amazing family i know we can do it. 

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