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Thursday, November 5, 2015

March 2015

Temple High school has the best outdoor track, so when Q found interest to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels we went to the track.  She did a really good job, but unfortunately she changed her mind once she realized that T could now go faster than her.  So needless to say she still rides with training wheels. 

for St. Patricks day we wore green to school and then got a sonic shake,  CeCe thinks she is pretty cool with this big shake all to herself, and a little for mama of course

I started a new adventure selling healthy green smoothie protein and my sister made this cute shirt for me.  the girls are great helpers and help with  my classes and love trying the green shakes. 
a prince and his princess

this little lady and her

Aunt Jo was on tour in Texas with the green smoothie lady so she came to visit

This little lady is a hoot and she loves being outside and she loves balls.  I think it was her first word!
We are so lucky that even though we live super far away from family, Pappy still keeps in touch and writes us at least once a month and send money if we do our chores to go spend it at the dollar store.  His notes as so cute and the girls look forward to getting the mail.

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