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Sunday, November 8, 2015


we are a huge halloween family.  we love doing a halloween party and all dressing up for candy.
we were so lucky to have spence come to town, not only for his birthday but for halloween too.  it had been 6wks since i last say him so it was a well deserved visit.

quincy and tenley of course wanted to be princess, cinderella to be exact and cece didn't reallly have a choice.  she got to be a bee like her sisters were at that age.  spence even dressed up as the big bee but i didn't get a picture. 

and of course when the dr comes to town he gets to trim your toe nails.  he did a great job, that might be a little tmi but its good to remember all the things i couldn't do for myself and how much i have to relay on other people. 
mulan and elsa, of course during halloween the girls change outfits several times.
the girls had a halloween program at school and spence was able to to attend and he said they did great!
while spence was in town he tried to do all the classic halloween activities, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, charlie brown great pumpkin and just cheering us all up.  we love and miss spence so much, can't wait til after all this we can finally be together. thats right i'm actually excited to finally  move to santa fe.

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