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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Austin museum and Sea World, may

a big group of our friends all went to the Austin kid museum.  the kids got to run around crazy and have fun with all their friends.  We had a great time, and on the way home stopped to get dinner, but a tornado warning was going on and the rain was crazy.  We hunkered down at a small burger joint to wait out the bad weather.  the tornando actually touched down just 15-20miles away.  it was crazy.

since we are moving we also decided to make a trip down to san antonio and go to sea world.  I got free tickets for the kids, thank goodness since its like $60 a person.
the girls had a great time and they walked through the whole park.  we were there from 10-6pm and I was the first one to get tired.  i blame it on being pregnant.

Spencer bought a bottomless refill shamoo cup and we refilled it a million times because of the heat and our desperate thirst.  Spence got to enjoy several roller coaster rides.  The girls are too small, but spence was able to enjoy himself on the rides.  we all had a great time.

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