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Thursday, November 5, 2015

QT Bugs 5th Birthday

of course I had the girls help me make their birthday cake, they really wanted a barbie pink cake so I did my best and I think it turned out ok, they loved the red superfood frosting. 

CeCe and I visited their class room and brought cupcakes for the class.  The girls were super excited and it was fun seeing them in their class.  we sure love Ms. Gail and prince of peace. 

because they are turning 5 and we will be moving away in a couple months we decided to through a big friend princess party.  QT got a new tea set for their birthday and we filled the cups with sprinkles so each kid could decorate their own cupcake.  The girls chose frozen as their decor.  Spencer was on call that weekend and I was so rushed to get everything together without CeCe wrecking havoc on everything.  I think it all came together nice.
here is the birthday crew, we even had a few prince charming.  sure going to miss these great friends when we move.  the girls have really enjoyed living in texas and have made great fun friends.  its so nice to see them play and have fun, even though it gets a little crazy and loud i'm so glad we have experienced such fun times. 

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