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Saturday, November 7, 2015

kindergarten in utah first day

when we left texas i knew the girls would be going to kindergarten but i never thought they would go to school in utah.  this has been a hard couple months but we have been blessed with small things along the way.  the girls were able to get into the same class with mrs. peterson at mt loaf elementary.  the girls are so ready for school and couldn't be more excited to go to school each day. 
of course i'm in bed so the back to school pictures consisted of what i could take from my bed and what my dad could take.
the bus stop is right outside my parents house so i can see the girls get on the bus from my bed.  
what a blessing. 
these girls love school, riding the bus, doing their homework that is way to easy, and meeting new friends.  i try at ask them how their days are and what friends they are playing with and all they can really tell me is that they love recess. 
cece loves to hear the bus come up the hill and help walk the girls out and watch them come and go. 

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