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Sunday, November 8, 2015

life in a bed

we your mom can't come to you, or make you cookies, you bring a carpet pic nic to your mom. 
my view from bed.  the girls are doing really well with all this.  i pray each night that they are happy and ok and that all their care givers will have the energy to keep up with them. 

the girls come and entertain me most days.  i still get to help them with their homework, all while laying in bed, but the girls are good about following direction.
cece loves climbing up in bed with me. 
my view from the bed, pretty nice right. 
 32 weeks measuring 35wks, i had to bring out the big girl pants.  starting to really feel pregnant and weak.  its so crazy how if you don't walk, your literally can't walk.  i've started to really need help walking and moving around.  once again i have lost all muscle but at least this pregnancy i haven't gain a horrendous amount of weight yet.  baby is measuring 20days ahead, and i feel huge but i can't believe i was even bigger with cece and i have had twins, so i know i still will get bigger.  but my strength sure is gone.  when i go to the dr i have to have help going up and down stairs and getting into the car.  its a really weird feeling not being able to carry your own body weight.
i remember how hard it was to recover after bed rest with the twins, and it scares me a lot.  but at least this time i won't be alone, i'll still be at my parents house recovering from surgery.
we have also gotten great news lately.  i no longer have placenta acretta which is a really scary diagonsis that requires a hysterectomy at delivery and the placenta has moved up which is great.  but i still have a significant tear, they are calling it chronic placenta abruption.  so were still on pins and needles and i still feel like a ticking time bomb, but at least we are 32wks and not 22wks. 
i can't express how blessed i feel.  this baby is a miracle and so many people have pulled around us. 

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